About The Sidecar


So… really, who’s driving this motorcycle?

It’s all in the tagline, ladies and gents: NO ONE. Let us explain.

The Sidecar is a place: the passenger seat of a classic motorcycle, the one that requires the least effort on the passenger’s part to survive. Get comfy. Wear a helmet if you wish. “Hanging on” is not necessary; clinging to a driver is not a part of this scenario. The Sidecar is also a tasty cocktail: playful, fun at parties, occasionally very strong, often very pretty to look at.

But listen. What we said before still goes: no one is driving this thing. You know why? We are too busy lounging in it. Sure, we could go somewhere if we wanted to, but we’d much prefer to just relax here. The seat is pretty comfortable. Sprawl-worthy, even; good for putting our well-manicured feet up, pushing our goggles back, grabbing a beverage and toasting to the knowledge that at any moment we could hop on that motorcycle and head off anywhere– but at the moment, we’d just rather take in the view.

What is all of this witty fabulousness about?

The Sidecar is a new creation; a scrapbook collection of humorous flimflam. We are a daily (at the very least weekly!) post for the light-hearted. Or the heavy-hearted who need a nice, feel-good hot air balloon ride into the sky of smirkiness while on break in a tiny cubicle of taupe and grey.  Whichever category you fall into, there will be something in The Sidecar for you to enjoy. Think of us as that classy yet-possibly-trying-too-hard speakeasy bar around the corner – the one with cellphone-toting “mixologists” who spend just as much time curating their mutton chops or devilish mustache as they do posting to Instagram. Only we’re much cooler. And funnier. And cuter, depending on how you feel about mutton chops.

Articles and posts may be long or short, but the intention of The Sidecar is to house as many smile-worthy pieces as possible for your edification and enjoyment.

Who is chilling in this Sidecar, exactly?

The Sidecar may occasionally feature guest writers, but your editors-in-chief/brilliant writers/word mixologists/originators of all things hilarious and elegant are known to their friends as Laura Nicol and Katrina Barnett.


Laura has been working for years to grow her pixie-cut out long enough to wear one of these clips (pictured here).  This doesn’t speak much of her ability to grow hair at a normal rate, but it DOES say a lot about her kick-butt tenacity and ability to survive awkward styles for months at a time.  Laura is a Chicago-based writer and theater artist who uses art to help churches/organizations/cool people connect with the communities around them.  Her great loves include writing (fancy that), reading, playing hobo train songs on her guitar, foxes (before they appeared on every hipster-baby’s lunchbox), fancy earrings, and drinking wine with her handsome husband.  She also has an epileptic 12-year-old cat named Suki, with whom she has a strangely dedicated love-hate relationship.  There will probably be books on the subject in the future.

You can read more Laura on her personal blog, Vagabond Homebody.




Katrina is a much shorter twenty-something who likes to remind herself that she was born with red hair before she re-applies hair dye to the strands of silver that she is continually finding on her head. Once upon a time, she earned a screenwriting degree from a fairly prestigious school in Los Angeles, something that brings her comfort when she is forced to crinkle her forehead at whatever she’s watching in the local cinema in Texas (where she now resides. The state, not the cinema). Katrina’s great loves include writing (what are the odds?), reading (mainly old things), road trips, learning how to play Miley Cyrus songs on her ukulele, Wes Anderson, and platform shoes. She also has two cats, but don’t judge her. Ok, you can judge her, but she won’t text you pictures of them. Much.

You can read more Katrina on her blog, My Year With Gary Oldman (a passion project).





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