Surrealists Explain 2020

On Sheltering-in-Place

“It’s been great for my time management.” – Salvador Dali On Quarantine

“My mental health is every bit as good as my personal hygeine.” – Lenora Carrington on Staying Home

“I can quit whenever I want.” Jean-Michel Folon on Quarantine Hobbies

“OK maybe it’s gotten out of hand.” – Max Ernst on the Home Gardening Trend

“Is it the quarantine fifteen or fifty?” – Hector Hyppolite on the Baking Trend

“It’s been about 500 years in follicle time.” – Samir Rafi on Avoiding the Hair Salon

“What’s nature? It is it like this?” Dorothea Tanning on Never Going Outside

“I don’t care if you’ve been inside all day, you still have to wash your hands.” – Dora Maar on Cleanliness

“Too bad you didn’t check your supply beforehand. Now you really have to sanitize.” – Marcel Duchamp on the TP Shortage

On The News

“It’s weird, like it’s been here the whole time or something.” – Domingo Ulloa on Systemic Racism

“They’ll roll with it.” – El Gallo on Struggling Small Businesses

“Ingesting bleach didn’t work, huh? Here, try wearing this bedpan.” – Stanislao Depri on Trending Covid Cures

“Did you get your stimulus check yet?” – Fouad Kamel on the Economy

“It’s a boy.” – DrayeArt On Gender Reveal Parties

On Going Outside

“Protection but make it FASHUN” -Rene Magritte on Mask Ordinances

“I’m ready for my walk to the mailbox!” – Max Ernst on PPE

“Yes, you have to wear it the whole time.” -Frida Kahlo on Grocery Shopping

“Nailed it.” – Magritte, still figuring it out

“I love hanging out like this, we should do it again soon.” – Jean-Michel Folon on social distancing

On The New Normal

“Teaching online AND in a classroom has been great, I feel so appreciated.” – Man Ray on Public School

“Best semester ever. The kids are way into it.” – Pablo Picasso on Distance Learning

“I’m all set for our ZOOM meeting!” – Man Ray on Working from Home

“It’s gotten real weird on Tinder lately.” – Andre Breton on Dating Apps

“I’d rather be ghosted than be an actual ghost.” – Joe Webb on Romance in the Time of Covid

“We’re all in this together.” – John Pitre on *points at everything*

On Politics

“Q Anon is mainstream now. Let me explain.” – Andre Briton on Conspiracy Theories

“As you can see, our options for fixing this are practical and very obvious.” – Sabin Boykinov on Political Problem Solving

“Let’s mute the mics at the next one.” – Santiago Cohen on the Presidential Debates

“The electoral college is a very sophisticated system that everyone understands.” – Tiago Hoisel on voting in the US

“Just gotta wait patiently while they count the votes. NBD.” Sigfried Zademac on the Election

“How’s it going over there, Nevada?” – Mayo on the Ballot Count

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