Texts from Monsters: Frankenstein’s Monster and The Bride

MONSTER: Hey girl

BRIDE: Hisssss!

MONSTER: How’s it going

BRIDE: How did you get this number?

MONSTER: I asked Dr. Frank for ur digits

BRIDE: k. 

MONSTER: He said he already attached them to ur hand tho

BRIDE: He did a horrible job. Think he gave me a small thumb for a pinky. 

MONSTER: LOL is that why ur text game sux?

BRIDE: Can’t talk. On way to manicure. 

MONSTER: Hey girl


MONSTER: Why R U ignoring me

BRIDE: Not up. Haven’t had my jolt of electricity yet. 

MONSTER: LOL I hear ya, if I don’t have my cold brew I’m useless all day, u feel me?

BRIDE: I’m not gonna feel you, ever.

MONSTER: Not aliiiive till u get that espresso shot, I totally get it

MONSTER: Hey girl 

BRIDE: Pffffft

MONSTER: Feelin lonely : (  Wanna chat? 


MONSTER: Wanna make out?


MONSTER: Wanna go for a swim? 

BRIDE: I heard what happened the last time you got a girl in the lake. 

MONSTER: That was an accident

MONSTER: Hey babe

BRIDE: Krrrrrrssssshhhh

MONSTER: Ur hissing says no but ur undead bod says yes

BRIDE: Haven’t mastered ambulation yet.

MONSTER: U know u were literally made for me right?

BRIDE: You need to work on your pick up lines. 

MONSTER: Hey girl hey

BRIDE: I have a name you know.

MONSTER: No u don’t

BRIDE: Ok that’s true.

MONSTER: Hey Bride 

BRIDE: Woah, I’m not looking for that kind of commitment.

MONSTER: Sry. What R U wearing? 

BRIDE: A giant sheet gown like always.

MONSTER: Send pics


MONSTER: I’ll send U one 

BRIDE: I don’t want to see that, why don’t you send that to your “special friend” in the forest? 

MONSTER: U beotch, u know he’s blind

BRIDE: Ha ha ha

MONSTER: Hey Bride

BRIDE: Busy RN. 

MONSTER: R U still doing your hair??

BRIDE: Perms take a long time. 

MONSTER: Honestly ur ‘do takes longer than building ur body did

BRIDE: Shut up, my look is fire. 

MONSTER: That makes me uncomfortable

MONSTER: Hey Bride hey

BRIDE: RRrrrrr

MONSTER: I love it when U talk dirty

BRIDE: Go away.

MONSTER: U hate me 😦 

BRIDE: There’s that famous IQ of yours. 

MONSTER: Heyyyy Bride

BRIDE: SSSsssssssslskajflasfdj

MONSTER: So aggressive

BRIDE: Sorry, that was a butt text. 

MONSTER: Can’t wait 4 our date tonight, Im wearing my new neck screws

BRIDE: I don’t want to go out with you! How many times do I have to hiss it?

MONSTER: U don’t? 


MONSTER: We belong dead 😦 😦 😦 

BRIDE: Ouch, that’s a pretty good burn actually. 

MONSTER: No that’s just the laboratory exploding into flame

BRIDE: You’re such a drama queen.

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