Interview with Oscar Nominee Bradley Cooper

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We here at The Sidecar have been #blessed with an invitation to discuss the multi-nominated film A Star is Born with director, actor, and Sam Elliot impersonator extraordinaire Bradley Cooper.

Thanks for sitting down with us today, Bradley.

You’re welcome, you’re welcome. Anything I can do to get the word out about this special lil movie that I birthed.

Well, I’d say the copious trailers and the relentless refrain of The Shallows looping through the consciousness of the American people even as we sleep has gotten the word out plenty. And the movie has received multiple Oscar nominations!


Well you know I’m really really really glad to see that it’s getting the awards attention it deserves

as the latest and super contemporary vision of this tale about lots of fame that normal people can really relate to.

As a movie that’s been remade about 100x

I knew the stakes were high but I really coaxed great performances out of gaga, and myself.

I’m a challenging actor to work with.

But you know, I get me. When I started I wanted to just do like a sort of regular cowboy thing. but then sam elliot signed on and I thought well why not be a hotter, drunker version of him?!

So I would say it deserves the award.

But you know best director would have covered that too

Yes, you commented recently that you were a bit disappointed about not receiving a Best Director nomination, despite the film being nominated for literally everything else under the sun.

Well you know, Lady Gaga said many times how much she liked me as a director. And you know, we’re all very very wealthy so. I thought that would count for something.

Just disappointed because you know, I poured my heart into my off brand and inexplicably greasy drunken Sam Elliot impression. Sometimes Sam thought I was Sam, but better and drunker. Not to mention I think I really coaxed great work out of Lady Gaga.

Like, when she lays upside down in drag? Totally my idea.

And when she turns back to the car so I can say something stupid to her? Also me.  

Let’s not even mention the scene where I appear in her bedroom like Edward Cullen from Twilight.

Another really underrated film, actually.

I’d like to see Spike Lee try that.

Certainly a memorable moment.



Can you walk us through how you used your directing super powers? Perhaps break down a particular scene?

Yes. There is one moment, one ecstatic moment when Gaga, whom alot of people believe I have had real sex with, faces the camera.

when I directed her to do this, I told her, when the camera starts running, that is when you act. Not like a literal star, because those are in space, and not like you’re being born, because you are not a baby

and childbirth is gnarly

And I was like, when I say go, face the camera and have an expression. And that was truly when the star was born.

I don’t know. It just seems like they’re asking “a lot” of directors now.

So the music in the–


The part where Gaga sings? Also me! My idea!

Initially, she was going to not have a singing part.

But I said no no, we gotta use that somehow. I wasn’t sure how at the time. But then it became clear…. that’s when we put the singing in.

Tell us more about your relationship with your lead actress Lady Gaga, Bradley.

well you know, she’s great. I mean I think she would say I was great.

we’re great together

have you talked to her? She definitely thinks everything we did was great. Did I mention how much I helped her, directorially speaking?

You did say that her acting and singing was your idea.

right. yes. I would say that. But she’s brilliant! it was her idea to have brown hair.

not a lot of people know that!

I said “gaga but how will they know it’s you”

and she said

“through the music.”


Are you excited by her nomination for best original song? Will you be performing it with her at the Oscars?

We perform most of her songs together now. I would say that that nomination, and I think she would agree, is shared.

Do you plan to accept the award with her should she win?

I think I speak for every person on the planet, when I say that Gag would want me to.

But you know, I don’t want to steal the spotlight from her

she’s gotta find her wings

that I gave to her

and put them on.

it’s a wing suit

what’s next for you and Gag, Bradley?

probably a lot of collaboration.

now that I’ve found I can ride her stardom, I plan to take that all the way to the top

and I think I speak for her when I say that she wants that.

Perhaps a A Star Is Born 2: Reborn?

I think a lot of people would like that. All I can say is…we’ll have to see!

maybe you know there’s a story there somewhere.

a prequel.

where you know it’s before they met. but they meet again. it would actually probably be a musical retelling of Paradise Lost because I can taste satan in my mouth

i dunno just some things gag and I have talked about!

I was thinking maybe a sequel about Jackson Maine guiding Gag from the afterlife. Perhaps possessing Sam Elliot.

Since that seems to be your ultimate goal.


that’s a good idea. and I think I speak for you when I say it was my idea

Well thank you for your time Bradley.  Good luck at the Oscars later this month!

Cool, cool. May the depth of the shallows be with you.

And also with you.

For this special profile we acknowledge and thank renown Cooper specialist Emily Pierce for her invaluable contribution.

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