Houston Geography (according to a blatant foreigner)

Hi Sidecar riders!

Laura here, the until-recently Editor Who Lives In Chicago. It’s been an exciting month and you may now call me Laura, The Editor Who Lives In Houston. (That’s right – both Sidecar writers now live in the great nation of Texas. Look out.)

The difference between Chicago and Houston is pretty mind-boggling. For starters, the produce here is amazingly cheap. Also there’s queso on everything. (And everything comes with “toast,” which is actually just untoasted and unbuttered bread?) Someday soon a post might come about all of that, but I think I’m still too much of a newbie here to adequately cover it.

However, I do have eyes, and a body that has been moving around in a car a lot recently. I also have a sense of direction which, while woefully lacking in terms of specific placement of things, at least generally (sort of) remembers the kinds of things that I’ve encountered so far in this sprawly city.

So without further ado, here’s a map of Houston.


(And yes, I’m aware that the Gulf of Mexico doesn’t come up that far north. I apparently get carried away with squiggly lines.)

Texans, how’d I do? What else is of note around here that I missed?

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