A List Of Things Anthony Hopkins Could Be Looking At


A robot doing yoga

A mirror

Anybody who has ever thought “Anthony Hopkins?  Is he even still alive?”

A hipster with a man bun

Cold tea

The jerk who took the last potato chip in the bowl

Someone singing Spice Girls at a bar on Karaoke Tuesday

Anyone who isn’t knighted

Burnt toast

The question “How old are you?”

Small children

The intern who whistles

The kid who just handed him a fake ID when he carded them at a fancy restaurant and didn’t expect to get caught

Plaid and polka dots in the same outfit

The actress in a performance of King Lear who just said “old men are babes again”

Literally anyone in Westworld at any given point

A pumpkin carved to look just like him

An unlabeled salsa with unknown spiciness

The woman who shivers at a party and yet rejects multiple offers to be lent a jacket

Old milk

Somebody who has just said “I think I have the flu”

A Face Swap of him and Ed Harris

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