Things That Sound More Appealing Than Writing (When You Have To Write)


Dear Sidecar Riders,

A thousand apologies for how it’s been, what, like a decade since our last excellent post.

Katrina has just yesterday begun teaching some very lucky university students how to write in Texas (how to write anywhere, ideally, but yes, technically they are in Texas with the tumbleweeds and ungodly heat) and so we can understand that her life is a little busy just now.  But fear not, she’ll be back in no time, keyboard blazing.

Professor Katrina (and rat students? we hope not)

I don’t have a great reason for my lax writing disciplines of late, myself – other than that job applications and various other business is taking up most of the time I’m willing to spend in front of a computer screen.  Specifically, my computer screen.  This poor little six-year-old Fujitsu laptop has just had it with life and I fear has given itself over to demonic possession.  (I mean, P.S., you’re supposed to replace your laptop every nine seconds, I’m told, so I am way too many seconds overdue for a new one.)  Seriously, you think your laptop is bad?  Try dealing with an S.O.B. whose keyboard cuts out mid-sentence, cursor doesn’t work, whose speed is slower than an elephant with no legs, and who randomly decides “oh no no, THAT word you were going to write here shouldn’t go here – let’s skip back up to the middle of your FIRST sentence and then keep typing away before you notice that all of your sentences are now jumbled up because I can’t make up my mind where I want your words to show up!”

It’s a task.

The trouble is, mostly, that people who consider themselves to be writers need to keep some kind of discipline about their work – yea, even a humble Sidecar post.  If you wait for grand inspiration to strike, you’ll never post a thing – Rule Number One.  I think that’s why we have almost as many drafts as posts for this site – you gotta keep churning ideas out, even if they’re lousy and never see the light of day.

At the same time, there’s Rule Number Two: writing is hard.  It’s work.  And when you’re busy or tired or sad or about to throw your laptop out the window, work doesn’t sound all that appealing.

Here are some things I did today to keep from feeling pressured to write:

  • Washed ALL the dishes
  • Swept ALL the floors
  • Played about five thousand games of solitaire (winning average: 7% and proud of it)
  • Drank about three thousand pots of tea
  • Actually called my health insurance agency JUST TO AVOID BEING CREATIVE, GUYS
  • Colored in a coloring book
  • Looked up plane tickets to places I can’t afford (it’s a sickness)
  • Did some math on my phone calculator because why not


Here are some things I would like to do today to keep from feeling pressured to write:

  • Go sky diving (probably not over the city; could be painful)
  • Read everything on our bookshelves
  • Learn to knit
  • Play jump rope
  • Draw on everything/one with sidewalk chalk
  • Adopt a fox
  • Throw a masquerade ball
  • Build a castle
  • Ride a cow
  • Learn how to be really fancy with chopsticks
  • Watch a bunch of Netflix because watching stuff demands attention, empathy and some amount of imagination – which is sort of the same thing as doing creative work, right?
  • Go through a bunch of literary criticism books and replace “epic simile” with “epic smile” every time it occurs


I’d call that a successful day, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, dear friends, we’re grateful to you for being here and for riding along with us.  Regular posting should resume promptly – probably – very soon.


Your co-rider and -editor,


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