How To Beat The Unemployment Blues


Clean  the apartment


Learn a new instrument


Start a cult


Write a short story using one word from each page of the nearest Dostoevsky novel


Create your own roller skates using only empty beer cans


Map out a cross-country road trip in which no cars are allowed


Paint a mural


Whittle a chair


Learn to sail (bonus points if you live in a landlocked state with no lakes!)


Creativity Exercise: commit a non-illegal felony


Have a glass of wine


Learn German.  If you already know German, learn Klingon.  If you already know Klingon, learn to communicate with birds


Travel back in time and ride a dinosaur


Travel forward in time and ride a dinosaur


Climb on your roof and howl at the moon


Dress up as an article of clothing


Haunt your neighbor down the street with the pitter-patter of little feet (whatever that means to you)


Go for a walk, introducing yourself to every stranger with a song


Better yet, introduce strangers to each other with a song


Turn into a black cat


Learn how to grant wishes


Jump up and down a lot


Apply to a job you would never want, using a resume and cover letter consisting only of quotes from Star Wars


Stitch in time and save nine


Take a nap


Find a hipster who has never heard of J.D. Salinger


Go flying

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