Texts From George W. and Barack Obama

Hey what u doin

Hello. I have seen your text, and I do acknowledge it.

It is good to text; good for capitalism, good 4 human connection.

I’ll get back to your question shortly, but I should first say that I am glad to hear from you via text, and glad that you are reaching out. 😉

Cool. 8) im learnin how 2 use emojis. That 1 is a guy wearin sunglasses


“Cool” is the word du jour, and that emoji fellow is the emo-jour, if you will.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Lol I just thought of that. “Da POTUS” has still got it.

Did you know I’m on Jay-Z’s speed dial?

We text too, sometimes.

lol dont get it. U see my l8st pic on FB?

I appreciate your art, and I am not inconsiderate of the effort you have put into creating it.

Creativity is key. Key to unlocking America’s true strengths, key to opening the flood gates of communication. 🙂 😉 😎

That pic of your feet was particularly meaningful to me. I wondered to myself: does it mean you are reflecting on where you have been? Where you are going? Does it say something about ME?


I can’t decide. You are a myriad of mystery, George, and I support it.

Tho we do not always agree.

U cant not have an onion.

The Midwestern farmer is of the utmost importance to me, and though I do not care for onions on my food, personally, I fully support your right to eat onions, or worship onions, if that is your religious tendency.

Also, if you are sexually attracted to onions, of course, while I do not share your attraction, I endorse it.

Onions are a part of what makes America great.

Like Jay-Z.

Jay-Z is gr8.

Whoops *opinion

Ah, I now understand what you intended to say, and while I disagree, this does not necessitate a gridlock when it comes to decisiveness.

Decisiveness is the American Way, which, while ever-changing, is the bedrock of all that we hold dear.

Excuse me while I brush my shoulders off.

I can help u there. Im the Decider

Perhaps, George, perhaps you are.

But perhaps such a title belongs to The American People.

BTW, Have you seen the latest Game Of Thrones?

Yup. V. violent

I concur with that estimate, George. Violence is abhorrent, and, as I reiterated on the The Tonight Show (with Mr. James Fallon), there would be much less of it if America were free from the tyrannical reign of firearms.


What bout hunting

My apologies, George, I must BRB, however, I have read your text, and I do acknowledge that it is an important text, and a text that I will, at some point, consider deeply and respond to.

However, Presidential Duties (AKA a soon-to-be-viral-Youtube-video– please like and share, should you find yourself so inclined) are calling Barack’s name, and Barack, though he is but a simple, fun-loving dude (much like your previously mentioned emoji face with sunglasses, and also Jay-Z), must dedicate every moment in which he finds himself in the White House (or, the Ethnically Diverse House, as it now serves– probably not so much during your time, with the exception of the occasional visit from Ms. Rice– how is she, by the by?) to making the World A Better and Safer Place for Democacy. Catch you on the “flip side”, my Texan Friend, tho [page 1 of text]

[page 2 of text] I find my overactive thumbs exhausting themselves from this intellectually stimulating conversation. 😉

I leave you with the words of my Personal Hero, Mr. Jay-Z: Politics as us-u-al. BRB for now, George. BRB….

Or, BLB, in my case, though I respect your Republican Legacy.

U spelled “democracy” rong lol haha. c ya. ps, WHO is J-Z???

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