Things That Are Smaller Than The Giant Evil Ant In Our Living Room Last Night

  • A thumbtack
  • A pen cap
  • The ant’s family, because he ate them all
  • At least 2.54 centimeters
  • A broken crayon
  • Three M&M’s laid end to end
  • The diameter of a watch face
  • A sugar cube statue of a how big a normal ant should be
  • My nostril (either one)
  • Probably my eyeball
  • Half a tube of chapstick
  • A paperclip, the middle size
  • A 1″ screw
  • Most of my earrings
  • Pretty much every ant ever, because he ate them all
  • An entire walnut
  • A picture of the moon
  • Your hopes and dreams
  • The actual moon
  • MY hopes and dreams
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare
  • My sense of realism
  • The entire world


It was really big, guys.


This post originally appeared on Vagabond Homebody

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