Things My Husband And I Do Because We’re Optimists

  • Separate our trash and recycling, even though our building doesn’t recycle and literally everything goes into the same two dumpsters in our alley.
  • Start a 3 hour movie at 9:30pm even though we have to wake up at 6am, because we probably won’t be that tired.
  • Snooze our alarm for five minutes after it goes off because maybe five minutes will be enough to magically make us feel rested.
  • Agree that this week we can buy fancy cheese and crackers because life is hard and we should treat ourselves and we’re probably not that low on funds.
  • Say things like “let’s start working out!”
  • Look at plane tickets to other countries about every other day.
  • Say things like “we’ll go to bed early tonight.”
  • Watch terrible movies because people on the internet said they were good.
  • Listen to people on the internet.

This post originally appeared on Vagabond Homebody

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