Things I Believe About Thursdays

  • They are always long overdue.
  • Thursday is the bastard sibling of Friday – nearly always looked over because woops, no formal birthright.  This also means that Thursday has a bit of an attitude problem.
  • Crows fly in wide-arching circles on Thursdays.
  • You have a very slight lisp on Thursdays, but you can’t detect it.  It’s fine, though.  Just try not to say words with S’s.
  • It’s good to lie on the floor on Thursdays.  Magic energy comes up from the earth’s core to your closed eyeballs and you feel much better.
  • Thursday doesn’t have a color.  It’s sort of a mushy watercolor swatch that was maybe once a picture of a pillow.
  • “No” is the magic word of Thursdays.
  • Hugs are the magic act of Thursdays.
  • Thursdays are for hugging people who think they might have lisps.

EDIT:  I’ve since been corrected on the color of Thursdays.  My synesthetic sister-in-law tells me that Thursdays are the same color as the number 9, the letter S, and the month of September.  So… there you have it.

This post originally appeared on Vagabond Homebody

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