Meaningful Memes: Happiness

What started out this morning as a cursory glance at news headlines on Twitter slowly evolved into researching articles, blogs, images and memes centered around “happiness” or “happy” things.  Lots of them were very nice (Fact: “blind people smile even though they’ve never seen a smile,” for instance).  But some of them… well… you decide.


See, i just feel like if you laugh as much as you breathe, you won’t be breathing very long.



Nothing like the threat of life’s imminent end to brighten someone’s day.



… like your heart.



This is not only NOT happy, it is deeply troubling.  Love finds a way, but ONLY if you know that everyone else (especially men, the bastards!) are evil and will only bring you misery.  But really.  Be happy about it.



Like this boy.  Hold onto him tight.



This literally makes no sense.



I’m glad somebody finally figured it out, and I’m glad that “humorFIRE” is a part of it.



Coffee mugs.  Tiny fake flowers.  Red mascara.  You guys are the best.



The fact that this seems to be written on the wall of a dark and sinister cave isn’t giving me good feelings.



Ehhhhmmm I was gonna pay rent buuuut I’m not really feelin it.



Opposite of intelligence = self empowerment.  Good to know.



… I have nothing to say.


This post originally appeared on Vagabond Homebody

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