I am Sad Ben Affleck

There’s a video meme going around today that involves Ben Affleck being told by a reporter that Batman Vs. Superman (the movie in which Ben plays Batman, if you didn’t know) is getting bad reviews. As Henry Cavill responds to this, the camera slowly moves in on Ben who sits in silent reflection on his failings as a Batman while Simon and Garfunkel sing The Sound of Silence to reflect his downcast mood.


Things about this:

  1. We have all had such downcast Batman moments. Few of us are the metaphorical Batmen that Gotham needs.
  2. This is hilarious.

I showed the video to my mother who almost chuckled for a moment and then went “awwww” and made a pouty face as the camera continued to zoom in on Ben’s watering eyes.

I laughed harder.

“Poor Ben,” she said, sighing. “I bet he really wanted that to be good.” I laughed harder. She looked at me, probably a little sad herself that she had spawned such a blatantly unsympathetic daughter, “You DO you know you’re laughing at someone’s pain right now?”

I still laughed.

Ben’ll be okay. He’s already been paid. George Clooney somehow bounced back from being the worst Batman in all of history, and he appears to be fine.

Still, I laugh at Hashtag Sad Ben Affleck because of #1 (see above). I like to see other people, particularly famous people with good intentions, get kicked in the teeth for trying because I know how it feels. If I had a dollar for every time I had a Sound of Silence moment… well, I’d have quite a few dollars.

Sometimes things just don’t work out and you feel stupid. So when I see Ben Affleck keeping the tears at bay and escaping into his own mind (who’s to say he was even feeling all that sad– this is a video creation after all, he may not give a crap), I laugh really, really hard because it reminds me to laugh at myself.

Sometimes things don’t work out. And don’t worry, Ben. I’ll go see your little Batman movie.

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